Be a Good Neighbor: Living in the Huntingdon Community

You have been granted permission to live off-campus in the Huntingdon community.  Living in the community is a valuable experience towards transitioning to the “real world”.  It is also a challenge. With this opportunity comes responsibility.  You now have obligations to Juniata College and to your neighbors.

Some suggestions for being a responsible citizen and a good neighbor:

  • It is important for you to take positive steps to allieviate negative assumptions.  You are a temporary resident in a neighborhood largely composed of permanent residents.  They have expectations and standards of living that are typically different from student lifestyles.  Having students move into an established neighborhood causes tension and apprehension.
  • Recognize and exercise appropriate quiet hours.  Permanent residents have jobs and families often include children.  Loud, disruptive behavior can have very negative effects on their lives.  Be courteous to your neighbors.  Excessive noise and loud music is inappropriate at any time during the day or night. Remember…there is a noise ordinance in Huntingdon.
  • Take pride in the appearance of your house/apartment and the neighborhood.  Don’t use interior furniture outside of your apartment or house.  Interior furniture (such as upholstered chairs and couches) used outside makes the neighborhood look very rundown.  In addition to being a visual eyesore, it can also draw moisture, mildew, and even insects.
  • Find out the recycling schedule and procedures.  Place recycling out the night before pick-up.
  • Keep your living area clean.  Don’t let garbage and trash gather.  Clean up any garbage or trash associated with your living area.  Use garbage cans for garbage.  Always place garbage in bags before placing it in the garbage can.  When you don’t use bags, animals can get into your garbage.  Make sure your garbage is being picked up in a timely manner by a garbage collection company.

Additional suggestions:

  • Respect your neighbors’ parking.  It may be a public street, but you may live near elderly citizens and they appreciate the ability to park in front of their homes.  Be especially considerate during the winter months as it relates to parking spaces cleared of snow or ice.
  • Do not display offensive or alcohol-related items from your windows.  This includes neon signs, bottles or cans.
  • Remember, the borough has ordinances pertaining to removal of snow and ice from sidewalks, and parking restrictions associated with street sweeping and snow removal.  Be thoughtful and considerate.

Social Functions and Parties

Be responsible hosts as it relates to parking, noise and littering.  Only have social gatherings on the weekends and abide by the law.  Have safe and problem-free parties.

  • Inform neighbors of the social gathering.  Give neighbors your phone number and encourage them to call if they have concerns.
  • Keep volume of music and people to “reasonable” levels.  Remember, exercise courtesy to your neighbors.
  • At least one resident of the apartment or house needs to be present at all times.
  • Monitor all guest arrivals and departures.
  • You are responsible for the behavior of all guests.
  • Be aware of who is in attendance and what is occurring at the party, and in the surrounding area.
  • Only invite people you know to attend the party.  Only invite a reasonable number of guests.
  • Follow all Pennsylvania state laws and Huntingdon borough ordinances.  Remember, there is an open container ordinance in the borough.  This ordinance prohibits open containers of alcoholic beverages to be possessed on public property.
  • End social gatherings at a reasonable hour.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up your yard after the gathering.

Temporary residents have the same rights as permanent residents.  You can expect to be treated with the same courtesy and respect as you give to your neighbor.

Juniata College and the Borough of Huntingdon want you to feel welcomed as a member of the community.  Be a positive member of the community and have a positive experience.  Be a good neighbor.