Campus Calls

CNS provides basic voice and voice mail services to students, faculty, and staff of Juniata College.

There is no charge for local calls.

Calls may be initiated from any campus telephone by dialing the desired four (4) -digit extensions.

There is no charge for repairs unless damage was due to negligence (e.g., spilling coffee or soda, or dropping telephone set) or vandalism.

There are no restrictions on calls placed to JC campus extensions including calls to Security, Faculty, Administrative Offices, and student rooms are provided as part of your basic service.

Each residence hall room is equipped with LOCAL telephone. There is one telephone extension for each student, one telephone for every 2 students, one telephone in triples, and 2 telephones for a quad.

Orders to CNS for additions to service, disconnections, or rearrangement of equipment or lines should be directed to the Solution Center Help Desk extension 3619, or email to

All Juniata phone equipment is owned by CNS.

CNS will not install, move or repair any customer provided equipmentResidents Should NotAccept collect calls on their room telephone line or use the telephone number assigned to their room to sign up for any telephone service (including calling card offers) that bill directly to the telephone number in the student’s room.

Off-Campus and Long Distance Calls

Long distance calls placed from a resident’s room to an off campus number requires the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Each student will be assigned a unique PIN by JC for his/her exclusive use. Off-campus calls, which are placed using the PIN, will be charged to the account of the student to whom the PIN has been assigned. Disputes arising from unauthorized use of a PIN will be referred to the Dean’s Office. Remember that you are financially responsible for charges incurred as a result of the use of your PIN. Do not share your PIN!

Voice Messaging

As an enhancement to basic telephone service, each resident student is provided with a personal voice mailbox that can be accessed from any phone. Each mailbox is password protected to provide privacy. Students are encouraged to occasionally change his/her password and to report suspected misuse or abuse

Harassing/Abusive Phone Calls

Making harassing or abusive telephone calls is a crime punishable by imprisonment or a fine. If you ever receive obscene, abusive, harassing, or threatening calls, follow the suggestions outlined below:

Hang up at the first obscene word. Hang up if the caller remains silent the second time you say hello. Remember that you control your telephone, not the person calling. Do not give any information, such as your name or address, until the caller has been properly identified by you.

If you dial and reach a wrong number, don’t just hang up. Hang up calls can be upsetting, unnerving or even considered harassing. Please tell the person who answers that you misdialed.

If the calls persist, call the Security Dept. to track the harassing caller.

Our mission is to provide excellent service and support to facilitate teaching and research at Juniata College through designing, implementing and managing solutions, which provide for the campus's voice, data and video communication needs. (For more information on phone usage in the residence halls, visit