ACADEMIC VALIDITY - The internship must consist of pre-professional, academically valid, practical work responsibilities, and may not consist solely of clerical or menial labor.

SUPERVISION - An intern should be supervised by a professional and work side-by-side with other professional employees. When appropriate, the intern should be given expert training when expected to perform certain tasks or projects (e.g., using scientific equipment).

DURATION - It is suggested that summer internships include approximately 240 work hours (e.g., 10 weeks at 24 hours/week).

RELATION TO COURSES - The intern must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours in courses directly related to the internship prior to the internship.

VERIFICATION - The supervisor’s evaluation will serve as verification of the internship experience. Should questions or concerns arise, the Director of Career Services may evaluate the quality of the placement and/or the progress of the intern.

EVALUATION - The on-site supervisor agrees to complete and return a written evaluation of the intern at the end of the internship. The intern will make an oral presentation about the internship experience and it’s academic validity upon return to the campus in the fall. The internship committee has the authority to make decisions as to the worthiness of the internship for official transcript notation.

RENUMERATION - Typically, though not always, summer interns are paid with the average pay range being $7.00 - $9.00/hour. While the college encourages compensation for the interns, the decision to offer pay is entirely up to the employer. Students who choose to volunteer or work for a small stipend are still subject to all above listed expectations.

These standards provide the basic expectations for a summer internship. They are not exhaustive and have been formulated with some flexibility for unique situations. Upon successful completion of all requirements, a non-credit internship appears on the academic transcript as course number 001 (“Internship” followed by the title as approved by the Internship Committee) in the appropriate department. Students may complete more than one non-credit internship and receive transcript notation each time (course 002, 003, etc.).