Roberto Toro


Admission Counselor

Phone: (814) 641-3424

Roberto's Bio

Roberto Toro

  • BS, International Business, Juniata College '18

Roberto grew up in Houston, Texas and is a 2018 graduate of Juniata College. Looking for a completely different style from the urban lifestyle he faced in Texas, he searched for places in the north and found Juniata College after searching for colleges with a good study abroad curriculum. The search came up showing Juniata, with many available places, and Roberto reached out and decided to visit. Having never seen snow, and arriving during a snow day in March, it was a magical time for Roberto, and with the closeness he saw of the staff and students, it did not take even half a day for Roberto to become deadset on studying International Business at Juniata.

While Roberto was a student at Juniata, he was heavily involved with the Global Village, Theater Program, and working and running the Russian Club at Juniata. The summer after his Freshman year and his Junior year, Roberto had the opportunity to spend a year abroad in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and immediately fell in love with the place, and was more than glad that he had been able to receive an Eagle’s Abroad Scholarship to aid him in studying in Russia.

Roberto’s love for Juniata and learning led him to go abroad to China after graduation to teach English for 2 years, but then decided that it was time for him to return to the place where his love of education started, and to aid students in having their own unique and wonderful experience at Juniata.

When Roberto is not working, he enjoys researching and producing a history podcast, traveling around the world and around the beautiful area in which he lives. He can also be found awake in the early hours of the morning watching his favorite sport, rugby, and supporting his favorite national teams of Georgia and New Zealand, as well as watching his favorite baseball team, the Houston Astros.