“Philosophy makes me a better person. There’s a world in me, even as I’m in the world, and philosophy helps me to understand how that works.”

Zack Hesse ’18

A Distinct Experience

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From employment in corporate business environments to placement in law school, medical school, and seminary, Juniata philosophy graduates enjoy engaging lives.

    • Aaron Adams ‘12
    • is pursuing a master’s degree in government and public service at the University of Houston in Houston, Texas. He was accepted at all of the five graduate schools to which he applied.
    • Eric Merrell ‘16
    • was admitted to the doctoral program in philosophy at the University at Buffalo with a full scholarship.
    • Kenneth Noga ‘11
    • attended Vermont Law School, which is ranked first in the nation for environmental law by U.S. News and World Report.
    • Justin Wisniewsi ‘14
    • is enrolled in Temple Law School.
    • Shayna Yeates ‘15
    • whose POE at Juniata was psychology and philosophy, is employed as a research analyst for Dispute Dynamics in Philadelphia, Pa.


In the philosophy department, 100 percent of faculty have earned Ph.D.s, and they serve, first and foremost, as professors. Juniata philosophy professors present at conferences throughout the United States and Canada, including the annual meetings of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy as well as the North American Society for Social and Political Philosophy.

“Philosophy is all about viewing the world more complexly, examining our preconceived notions, and being able to state our ideas respectfully. Along with philosophy, my secondary emphasis in women and gender studies will guide me to make informed decisions, to help create policy, and to enact change to make the world a better place.”

Leah Peacock ’17

Student Opportunities

Philosophy Club: Join the extracurricular yet intellectual dialogue of the Juniata Philosophy Club. Students from all POEs meet to discuss issues—and hold faculty discussion panels on challenges—ranging from the limits of science to the ethical issues of feeding the world’s hungry.

Undergraduate Research: It’s not exactly research (as there will be no publication), but that didn’t stop Dylan Miller ’15 from spending an entire school year in a hut he built in the woods near the College. Dylan’s Thoreau-like project was endorsed by Juniata administration and covered by MTV, ABC, CBS, and several international news outlets.

Before you check out Miller’s experiment online, here are a few recent examples of research presented at Juniata’s Liberal Arts Symposium: Tristan Avelis ’16, Abigail Rosenberger ’16, and Shayna Yeates ’15, “What is Love?” Alex Debrecht ’15, “Factual Fluidity;” Trevor Havemann ’17, “Fact or Myth: The Gender Wage Gap.”