I. Dean of Students Office:

Initiates the formal "Military Leave of Absence" which would include an exit interview, if possible.

Notifies the Registrar's Office, Accounting Office, Office of Financial Planning, and Office of Residential Life and elicits their assistance in expediting the exit process.

II. Registrar's Office:

Processes a complete withdrawal, entering a grade of "w" for all registered but not completed courses in the current semester. (If the leave occurs late in the semester, the student may arrange through the Registrar for a final graded evaluation of his/her course work or take an Incomplete. This option would have to apply to all currently registered courses).

Adds the notation of "Military Leave of Absence" to the student's transcript. 

III. Office of Financial Planning:

Schedules a meeting with the student, upon the student's request, to review the particulars of his/her funding.
Reviews and evaluates funds already received and gives advice on status of financial aid based on date of the leave.
Advises on action required to defer loan payments based on active military duty.

IV. Office of Residential Life:

If the student resides on campus, assists the student to check-out; his/her key is to be left with the Office of Residential Life.

V. Accounting Office:

Refunds complete tuition to student who processes a complete course withdrawal for the current semester.
Refunds room and board; charges will be prorated based on the date of military leave of absence. (No refunds can be made until the college has received a copy of the military orders calling the student to active duty.)

Upon completion of active military duty, the student will be automatically readmitted to the college by notifying the Registrar's Office in writing of his/her intent to resume academic studies. The student must contact the Office of Residential Life directly to inquire about on-campus housing options and availability. All rights, privileges, academic status and rank are resumed at the same level as prior to the "Military Leave of Absence.