Chinese Club: Juniata’s Chinese Club offers students and citizens of the surrounding community with opportunities to experience the Chinese culture.  They also devote effort to providing a family atmosphere for incoming Chinese students.  They welcome all members of the community who are interested in celebrating, learning and sharing the Chinese culture. 

French Club: The French Club is a club where students who are interested in French are able to get together and have some fun. They promote Francophone language and culture to our community, here at Juniata, as well as the Central PA area.

German Club: The German Club is a cultural club on campus that focuses on the culture of the German speaking countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  They organize and hosts several events each year.

Globalization Alliance: The Globalization Alliance seeks to provide experiences that bring together the increasingly global Juniata population.  They focus on events and excursions that allow people to both share their divergent cultures and find the common ground between them.  The club organizes trips, conversation groups and events on campus to focus on forming relationships between students from around the world.

International Cooking Club: The International Cooking Club is where students who are interested in better food for a better world. 

Japanese Club: The Japanese Club offers the community the opportunity to experience the Japanese culture.  They host several events through the academic year such as the Japanese Dinner. 

Juniata College Russian Club:  The Russian Club represents Russian culture on campus.  It is a place where students of Russian, students from Russia, and any other students interested in the country or the language can connect through club activities. 

Juniata Otaku Culture Club: The Otaku Culture club’s mission is to provide members an environment that both allow them insight into the pop-culture of Japan, as well as relaxation through the interaction and appreciation of said culture with others.

Korean Club: The Korean Club helps the Juniata community experience a piece of Korean culture through food and entertainment.

Plexus: Plexus is a club dedicated to promoting understanding and acceptance of multiculturalism and co-culturalism at Juniata College.  At club meetings, Plexus discusses relevant topics in the news relating to themes of diversity and tolerance. We talk about these issues and consider potential ways to implement change beginning with ourselves and our campus.

Sign Language Club: The Sign Language Club at Juniata College works to increase awareness of signed language and Deaf culture.  The club hopes to provide a welcoming environment for members of the Huntingdon community who want to increase their knowledge of ASL.  Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience.

South Asian Student Alliance: The South Asian Student Alliance creates a space where South Asian students and allies can share and appreciate their culture through food, traditional events, music, movies and conversation.

Spanish Club: The aim of the Spanish Club is to communicate and celebrate the Spanish language, culture and heritage from various Spanish-speaking countries. They hold various events that celebrate the culture and emphasize not only bringing in native speakers, but also opening up our events to the general public so that everyone can participate.

Ubuntu African Club: The mission of the Ubuntu African Club is to promote the diversity of this institution by educating the college students on the numerous cultures in Africa by means of entertainment and informative sessions.

Umoja: Umoja is committed to providing a safe space for Juniata’s ALANA population and its allies.  The club engages in discussions about current social and campus-centric issues that may directly impact our students of color.  The club encourages students of all backgrounds to attend and learn from each other through dialogue and to form relationships.


Amigos de Guanin: Amigos de Guanin aims to serve and raise awareness for an underdeveloped, rural community in the Dominican Republic.

Big Brothers Big Sister (BBBS): The Juniata College Big Brother Big Sister club aims to provide a structured foundation of friendship and guidance for the youth of Huntingdon.  They aim to accomplish this through one-on-one interaction as well as time spent in groups made up of “littles” and “bigs.”

Campus Girl Scouts: Campus Girl Scouts is a service and volunteer club for students who served as Girl Scouts in high school.  Although they no longer seek badges, these young women support Girl Scout troops in the area to build girls of courage, confidence, and character whom make the world a better place.

Caring for Kids with Cancer (CFKC): Caring for Kids with Cancer is a chapter of a local non-profit organization. Their mission is to help children with cancer and their families get through the hard times that cancer brings.  All their events and funds go to supporting their efforts in helping those children. 

Circle K: Circle K works to promote the kind of service embodied by its parent organization, Kiwanis.   The club aims to develop college and university students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service.

Eco House: Eco House is an opportunity to live in a coed intentional community focused on living sustainably.  They focus on small projects and cleaning up the cliffs regularly.

Habitat for Humanity: Juniata’s chapter of the national organization, Habitat for Humanity works on local building sites in the surrounding community.  Habitat International seeks to bring people together to build homes, communities and hope through a forum of faith.

JC Emergency Medical Services (JCEMS): JCEMS is composed of students on campus who have an interest in emergency medicine.  They strive to provide trained, quality medical care to the Juniata College community. 

Juniata Instructors of the Future (JIF): JIF is dedicated to fostering the development of all education majors for the betterment of the community.  They are dedicated to helping their members become more actively involved students on and off campus. 

Mini-Thon: The mission of Juniata College Mini-THON is to raise awareness and money for the families of the Four Diamonds fund whom are affected by pediatric cancer. 

National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS): The NSLS club’s mission is to build leaders who make a better world.  They host several speakers during the year.

Nourish International: Part of a larger Nourish international network, Juniata’s chapter works to fulfill Nourish International’s mission: “to engage students and empower communities to make a lasting impact on extreme poverty.”  

Pet and Animal Welfare Society (PAWS): PAWS spends time volunteering at nearby rescues and shelters.  They raise funds for and provide education about animal welfare in a national, state and local context.  They are trying to improve animal welfare.

Power Up Gambia: Power Up Gambia’s mission is to donate a solar panel suitcase to the hospital in The Gambia, West Africa.  They host several fundraisers throughout the year to raise funds.

Pre-Law Club (Barristers Club): The Barrister’s Club is a student organization for students who are interested in law or exploring the possibility of attending law school.  The club serves by providing information regarding LSAT prep courses, law school admission processes, law school tours and career information. 

Social Work Club: The social work club is an active organization that unites a network of professionals to advocate for social justice and equality throughout Juniata College and beyond.  The members participate in activities that promote awareness of social work practice and community service.  The Social Work Club welcomes all students who seek a compassionate and welcoming environment, and who are interested in engaging in the campus and greater community.  These students work towards helping others and becoming change agents in today’s society.


Catholic Council: The Catholic Council helps Catholic students develop their personal roles in the faith community.  They facilitate programs which provide for the spiritual and social enrichment of Catholic Students.  They promote an awareness and understanding of Catholic ideals to the college and general communities and to recognize and value the diversity of Christian and non-Christian faiths.

Hillel: Hillel mission is to enrich and educate about Jewish life at Juniata.

Juniata Christian Fellowship (JCF): The Fellowship offers the space and opportunities for students to grow spiritually through fun activities, insightful discussion, community service, and conference participation with a Protestant Christian focus.

Unitarian Universalist Union (UUU): The UUU intend to incorporate the 7 principles that define what Unitarian Universalism means in order to work together to inspire justice, equity, and compassion through interfaith dialogue, human connections, and action in local and global community.